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As an Absolutelymad.com consumer, it is important that you fully understand our terms of service. Any prolonged use of our website, software, and services indicates that you have reviewed and agreed to the Absolutelymad.com terms.

This website is run by Absolutelymad, Inc. The Terms of Service mentioned here are subject to change without warning at any time during your use of this platform. Prolonged use of Absolutelymad.com confirms that you have agreed to the current Terms of Service. Bear in mind that the contract terms and provisions of any existing arrangements with Absolutelymad, in relation to the Terms of Services, must be respected.

Absolutelymad.com Privacy Policy

If you've any queries about our Privacy Policies, please go to Absolutelymad.com and go through our Privacy policy page. The policy explains how and when we gather unique information from customers, as well as what we're doing with that information. Absolutelymad is always concerned with respecting your privacy.

Absolutelymad.com Copyright Protection

Absolutelymad.com is a copyrighted website. This comprises, without limitation, the Absolutelymad icon, text, illustrations, website architecture, data, and any combination of the above. Absolutelymad.com content must not be recorded, republished, replicated, circulated, projected, broadcast, downloaded, or uploaded in any manner or by any methods, such as mailing, virtual, documenting, or manual, unless otherwise stated in this policy. You will be granted the right to display and use the information on this website solely for the purposes of seeking information and/or for non-commercial purposes. If consent is given, you pledge not to reproduce, share, or duplicate any documents, nor to change, remove, or edit any copyrighted content.

Trademarks of Absolutelymad.com

Absolutelymad.com is a registered trademark, which means it is covered under trademark regulations. Only with Absolutelymad.com’s express written authorization, you can use, reproduce, or duplicate any portion of Absolutelymad.com’s trademark content. Absolutelymad.com’s button logos, texts, website headers, and personalized graphics are deemed trademarks and are thus guarded. Absolutelymad.com can also view trademarks belonging to third parties. Such trademarks are not covered by Absolutelymad.com, but they are covered by the holder of the trademarks. Your use of Absolutelymad.com must be only for individual, non-commercial purposes. It is against the law to buy and sell any part of Absolutelymad.com. Kindly do not use any data collection or extraction techniques on Absolutelymad.com pages.

Terms for Linking Absolutelymad.com

You are permitted to create a hyperlink to Absolutelymad.com; moreover, you are not permitted to express Absolutelymad.com in a deceptive, misleading, insulting, or derogatory manner. To use any registered trademarks, you must first obtain explicit authorization from Absolutelymad.com before using the content.

Any customer who clicks on a page outside of Absolutelymad.com is no longer protected by us. Absolutelymad.com would not be held accountable for any activities or content found on related websites. Please be notified that clicking on a link that takes you away from our site is done solely at your own risk.

Using Absolutelymad.com website

At Absolutelymad, we believe in our online users. We anticipate that you will act politely and morally. You agree that you are required to act ethically and follow the guidelines outlined in this policy from this point forward. You should not jeopardize the welfare of our website's visitors or Absolutelymad.com in general. You must never take advantage of Absolutelymad.com or our programs. You consent not to misuse system services, muddle the records, or interrupt Absolutelymad.com repositories or other networks affiliated with or available via Absolutelymad.com or our partners. You would never hinder Absolutelymad users' amusement. You will always adhere to Absolutelymad.com's access limitations to our pages.

In the event of a Copyright or Trademark dispute

Absolutelymad would like to shield the intellectual property or trademarked content. We adhere to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act's standards (DMCA). Any suspected copyright/trademark violation detected on Absolutelymad.com can be notified to us by submitting the following details to our Copyright representative:

1. Anyone that has been given permission by the holder of exclusive intellectual property must use their signatures.
2. Also, provide your trademark identification number as well as evidence of registry.
3. Showcase all the exact material you're referring to.
4. Have the contact information to which you want to receive correspondence, as well as the contact number and full address.
5. Provide a unique statement defining what content, in your mind, has been infringing.
6. Declare that the evidence you've given is valid, that you're not misleading, and that you do have the authority to file this claim.

You can contact Absolutelymad.com copyright representatives by email at copyright@Absolutelymad.com

Absolutelymad.com Indemnity Agreement

You consent to indemnify Absolutelymad.com if you breach the Absolutelymad.com Terms of Use, violate the interests of other customers, or use Absolutelymad.com in a way that results in another person declaring a grievance, claim, lawsuit, or seeking damages. The indemnity clause implies that you will absolve Absolutelymad.com of all liability.

Materials Submitted by you

Absolutelymad.com cannot assure the complete anonymity of any questions that are asked, recommendations you make, remarks you send, ideas you present, sketches you exchange, proposals you shape, original resources you submit, or any information you wish to provide to Absolutelymad.com by email or other submission mechanisms, including other practicable posts on our websites. When sent, these documents would become the property of Absolutelymad.com, and you will surrender all access to them. Absolutelymad.com could then use such items for any reason, without notice or compensation.

Absolutelymad.com’s Disclaimer of Warranty

Absolutelymad.com consumers acknowledge and support that this website and its information, resources, and goods are given to you "as is ' and in whatever form they may be. You are using Absolutelymad.com at your own risk. Absolutelymad.com expressly disclaims any and all conditional obligations, including title obligations. Do not rely on any guidance or information provided by Absolutelymad.com or any person related to Absolutelymad.com. Any sharing or linking to other websites through our homepage is achieved solely at your own risk. You, and only you, are liable for any harm to your device. Absolutelymad.com is not liable if you lose data malicious software acquired by uploading material, data, or apps. Absolutelymad.com assumes no responsibility for goods, records, resources, or documents provided by third parties that are obtained via Absolutelymad.com unless otherwise stated in a formal agreement from Absolutelymad.com. We are not responsible for the dependability or authenticity of third-party websites. We cannot guarantee that the material on our website would always satisfy all of your expectations, or that it would be relevant, continuous, or free of mistakes. We cannot ensure that all faults will be fixed immediately. Any losses sustained, including device delays, defects, corruption of data, data degradation, or outages, are not Absolutelymad.com’s fault. You might be excluded if you live in states in which these restrictions do not pertain.

Liability limitations to Absolutelymad.com

Absolutelymad.com along with its affiliates, or any other person concerned can be found responsible for any complications incurred from or in conjunction with the use, or inability to use, Absolutelymad.com websites or any material on the network, or any effects resulting from improper exposure to or changes made to the database files, or information that has been transmitted or taken. Liability for lack of use, benefit, data, or some other sort of loss is included. It should be remembered that some states prohibit restricting or prohibiting responsibility for substantive or indirect losses. This suggests that any of the provisions of this restraint of liability clause do not apply.

Legal Obligations

All rules and provisions in this Terms of service are regulated by and complies with the state laws of California. If you launch a lawsuit based on these Terms of Service, you must do so in the State Supreme Court of Los Angeles County, California, or the United States District Court for the Northern District of California.

Rules for Termination

Absolutelymad.com retains the right to cancel your account and/or your access to the Absolutelymad.com platform. Absolutelymad.com reserves the right to do this at our own authority without any advance warning. It might be needed to block potential links to Absolutelymad.com websites. In our ability, we can withdraw or change your website usage or the services we provide to you.

Exceptions of Terms of Service to Absolutelymad.com

If something is deemed unconstitutional, the provisions of these terms of service would be declared null and void and excluded from the Absolutelymad.com policy. Many other facets of these Terms of Service, though, will remain unchanged and therefore should be respected by all customers. Until stated in a contract, any exemption of an obligation or privilege authorized by Absolutelymad.com would not be upheld. Anyone who wants to suspend a provision must write it down and submit it.